Making Us Clean

From the book The Bible Tells Me So

John 15:3 - "You have already been cleansed by the word that I have spoken to you."

On their last night together before Jesus was put to death on the cross, He told His disciples that He had made them clean by the words He had spoken to them.

For three years these men had been following Jesus, and they heard Him say many things. From these words they had learned so much about their sin, about obeying God, and about living a like of love. That's what becoming clean was all about!

God's Word makes us clean as well. Many times we don't feel loving and good; our minds are far from God. But if we realize this, and then open our Bibles and let His words rinse over us, we'll feel the dirt washing away. Our souls need a shower as often as our bodies do!

Go ahead and try it...the next time you feel mean or crabby or worried. Let God's Word make you happy and clean!

Have a blessed day!!

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