Our Response to God

From the book: Lists to Live By

Hear Him Afresh - God never hides the truth. He is always open and honest with us. We are the ones who tend to overlook, or not hear, all that God is saying. He is always taking the initiative to make His assignments known, and we must be actively alert to receive it.

Believe Him Wholeheartedly - We must determine that God is everything He says He is and will do everything He says He will do for us - IF WE LET HIM. As He calls us to accomplish the impossible, we know He'll provide everything we need.

Adjust to Him - Unconditionally - In our lives and in our churches, in order to join in God's revealed activity, God has the right to require and to make these adjustments in us in order to conform us to Himself and to His will - regardless of how long the process takes.

Obey Him - Immediately and in faith, as He leads us, He will then accomplish His purposes through us as we reach out not only to our immediate community, but to the world beyond.

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