A Violent Grace

From the book: Lists To LIve By

He was born to die - so I could be born to new life.

He suffered temptation - so I can experience victory.

He was betrayed - so I might know His faithfulness.

He was arrested and bound - so I could be rescued from bondage.

He stood trial alone - so I might have an advocate.

He was wounded - so I could be healed.

He endured mockery - so I could know dignity and joy.

He was condemned - so the truth could set me free.

He was crowned with thorns - so I might crown Him with praise.

He was nailed to the cross - so I might escape judgment.

He was stretched out between thieves - so I could know the reach of love.

He suffered thirst - so I can drink living water.

He said, "It is finished," - so I could begin my walk of faith.

He was God's Lamb, slain, - so I could claim His sacrifice as my own.

He was forsaken by the Father - so I would never be rejected.

He chose the shame of weakness - so I can know the hope of glory.

He shed His blood - so I can be white as snow.

His heart was pierced - so mine could be made whole.

He died and was buried - so the grave could not hold me.

He rose again - so I might experience eternal life.

He is known by His scars - so I will take up my cross and follow Him.

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