Easter Doubts and Disbelief

The Biblical record of that first "Easter" centers on the tomb which several of Jesus' women followers found empty when they went to prepare his crucified body for proper burial. There had not been time the previous Friday as the Sabbath was about to begin at sundown. Though the reports very slightly, these women report a vision of one or two heavenly messengers announcing that Jesus was not there, but had indeed been raised from the dead by the hand of God. They hurried to tell the men what they had been told. Two Gospels also report the risen Christ himself appeared to them as they went. When they told all this to Jesus' Disciples, Luke's Gospel records that these men "thought it an idle tale and they did not believe them." Yet later that same day and over the next week the Disciples also had direct, personal encounters with the risen Christ and came to know that, yes, he was alive again.

If you (or I) have ever doubted the possibility of this seemingly impossible story, then we are in good company - Apostolic company - for at first they did not believe a word of it. What changed those Disciples minds was a direct, personal encounter, which each soon had, with the risen Christ.

Our doubts and disbelief can also be changed in that very same way. We merely have to ask the Lord that we, too, have a personal encounter with the risen Christ and through that spiritual encounter we can receive "new" spiritual life, as well as, the Lord's Mercy and Forgiveness. But we must sincerely ask.

May the Lord truly bless you this Easter Season with renewed spiritual life through the power of His Holy Spirit!

P.S. The "Easter Season" lasts 50 days starting Easter morning. I invite you to join us any Sunday morning at 10:30 at The First United Methodist Church of Gulfport to worship with us. ALL ARE WELCOME!

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