40 Behaviors to Avoid

40 Behaviors to Avoid from the book: Lists to Live By

1. Obsessing over regrets.

2. Saying "yes" to the wrong things

3. Saying "no" to the right things.

4. Buying into materialism.

5. Seeking fulfillment from others.

6. Setting foolish priorities.

7. Setting no priorities.

8. Speaking without considering the consequences.

9. Avoiding long-term commitments.

10. Becoming negative or critical.

11. Not anticipating the future.

12. Clinging to the past.

13. Submitting to fear.

14. Being paralyzed by worries.

15. Refusing to get help.

16. Ignoring problems while they are small.

17. Making false assumptions.

18. Limiting oneself.

19. Limiting God.

20. Not learning from mistakes.

21, Avoiding responsibility.

22. Blaming others.

23. Enjoying a rut.

24. Majoring in minors.

25. Minoring on majors

26. Hurting others.

27. Becoming cynical.

28. Thinking above the law.

29. Thinking inside the box.

30. Not pacing oneself.

31. Using people.

32. Speaking more than listening.

33. Placing comfort above character.

34. Believing only what you see.

35. Seeing only what you believe.

36. Overreacting to situations.

37. Denying blind spots and weaknesses.

38. Fighting change.

39. Not affirming people.

40. Losing perspective.

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