• Alice Gray, Steve Stephens, John Van Diese

What Faithfulness Means

What Faithfulness Means from the book: Lists to Live by

1. Faithfulness means excellence: Faithfulness doesn't necessarily mean doing more; but doing things better. Doing our best in every situation is one proof of faithfulness.

2. Faithfulness means integrity: Faithfulness means that we are above moral reproach at all times. Remember God still sees us, even when no one is watching.

3. Faithfulness means dependability: Faithful people can be relied upon to fulfill their commitments. When a job is delegated to a faithful worker, the boss never has to worry if the job will get done.

4. Faithfulness means perseverance: Lots of people start running the race of life with a flash, but few finish well. Others might get side-tracked or drop out of the race, but we must keep running with our eyes fixed on Jesus. Faithfulness means that we persevere to the finish line.